Saturday, January 28, 2012

Project Get Organized: Mission... the bathroom!

Well. I have begun my Pinterest projects that I posted about last time. The ideas I had previously posted about gave birth to different (and better? hmmm) ideas. Here are the results!

So I took the concept of the following 3 Pinterest posts:

Jewelry Hanger
Magnetic Makeup Board
Childs Magnet Board

and made.... THIS!

Cool, right? (cute magnets are still in the making for my pictures...!) My jewelry was taking up all my bathroom counter space in a clear plastic bowl (fancy, I know!)... This board filled a very empty and boring space on my bedroom wall and gave me my counter top back! This was a VERY cheap and easy project. Most of the supplies any crafter will have on hand. 

Here's how I made it (please note that the step-by-step pics are taken with my old and very much BROKEN camera...all pics taken inside are very dark, but the outside pics are still good thanks to the natural light! All future pictures will be taken with my new Canon Rebel T2i!)


Buy an oil trip pan from Wal-Mart in the auto parts section. They are $9.56 and completely awesome! They are 4 foot by 2 foot so PLENTY of space to hang jewelry and use magnets to post reminders and pictures!
Spray Paint (I keep various shades on hand)

2 yards of material (Always check the $Yard table first!)
Adhesive spray (I keep this on hand always!)
hooks (I started with super cheap ones... they didn't hold much. I ditched them and bought HEAVY duty hooks at Lowes. They were $3 something each in the nail aisle, but can hold 9 lbs each! The little hooks couldn't even hold a 1 necklace!)
magnets (pack of 12 in craft section at Wal-Mart For $2)
wooden dowel rode (pack of 16 in craft section at Wal-Mart For $1.87)

So, these oil drip pans come PRE-greased. Don't know why. You definitely do NOT want the grease on there or the material will not stick! After washing BOTH sides with hot, soapy water AND a good wipe down with kitchen cleaner, I finally resorted to nail polish remover. It got EVERY inch of that grease off!

Spray paint all your hooks and sticks with 2 coats and let dry while you glue on the material!

SLOWLY spray sections of the pan and press the material down. If you rush, you'll get creases. Adhesive spray gets tacky as it dries so it may not seem like it will stick, but give it 60 seconds and you'll have a strong hold! You definitely want to do this outside due to the fumes.

Flip over, cut off excess material, and spray down edges.

Put your magnets on your hooks.

I use the Command strips all over the house! No more nails for me! The velcro ones can hold more weight, and are definitely the best for this kind of project. put one on each corner, then one one each spot of your wall. They lock together to form a strong hold, but if you dont get it level, you can easily adjust it... with out any new holes!

Put on your hooks, lay a dowel rod across the smaller ones for earrings, and voila! I'm still working on a little magnetic bowl for stud earrings and something else for cuff bracelets. For now, those are in a small basket under my sink :)
Can't forget the other Pinterest idea that helped get my bathroom organized! I took this idea:
and made did THIS:
I didn't even use a wooden one! Just a cheap cardboard one! It has COMPLETELY changed my bathroom space. All of the sudden I have room under my sink to put the clutter from my counter top! AMAZING! I also used command strips to mount it!
I love having a spot for everything in my bathroom. I'd take pictures for you, but I just said I organized it... not CLEANED it ;-)

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