Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is it wrong to always be hungry?

While I am sad Spring Break is over, Monday was a good solid day back at work.

Yesterday I...
Got a hair TRIM and decided to get bangs. Lovin' them so far!
Went and observed a high school choir with my hubby.
Ate chocolate ice cream. Twice......

Today is
Bible Study
And I'm going to try a new casserole. Tex-Mex Ravioli. Sounds scary, but will hopefully be super tasty.

Speaking of super tasty, I had no idea what to make for dinner the other night so I through something’s I had on hand in a pan and put it on a tortilla. YUM! Try it for yourself:

Seasonings: a dash of- cumin, minced onion, minced garlic, course ground black pepper
Ground turkey meat (browned)
add a little lemon juice and a couple tablespoons of chicken stalk to keep it somewhat moist while it cooks.

After heated, add half a can of black beans (drained and rinsed) and a half a can of corn (drained). Heat thoroughly. I then added a bag of brown rice that you heat in the microwave for 90 seconds. Stir it all up good, put on a tortilla and top with Monterey Jack cheese. YUMMO!

MAJOR HINT FOR TOTILLAS-I cant think of the brand name, but they are in your tortilla section at the grocery store. They are not cooked yet, so you’ll have to heat up a skillet and heat them for a few mins, but they are sooooo good. I like them because they are thinner and a little crispy on the edges.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Spring Break

Well, I'm alive. You may not understand the significance of that, so I will enlighten you.

I have learned to snow ski. No, I am not a pro and barely survived a few blues, but I am in one piece. You should see the bruises on my legs though. Very cool.

The weather was perfect, and the place we stayed at in Beaver Creek was awesome. I'll post pics from our trip soon.

On another note, I made this pasta for dinner and these rolls. YUMM-O! I highly recommend it.

More details on our trip and pics will come later tonight. In the mean time, HOW STINKIN' AWESOME IS MY BLOG MAKEOVER? Thanks to mastomamamakeovers.blogspot.com

Saturday, March 13, 2010

As of late

Sitting here listening to whatever happens to pop up on my itunes DJ just happens to be some old school U2. It's officially spring break and for that i'm so thankful. This week we had pre-uil and the week after spring break is uil so I'll be glad when that's all over. My spring break started out one day early because I was sick. Was definitly thankful for that extra day even though I felt less than awesome.

So tomorrow my bride and I leave for our honeymoon take two. Because we got married just before Christmas and wanted to be able to celebrate Christmas with the family Hannah and I just stayed a few nights in Forth Worth as opposed to going on some long extravigant honeymoon. So as we approach our 3 month anniversery we are going to be spending the week in Colorado doing the coolest thing (litteraly) ever skiing. I've been skiing a handful of times and love it so can't wait to get out there and tear it up. Hannah has only been snowboarding and so this will be her first time coming down the mountain straped to 2 skinny pieces of wood instead of 1 fat one. I know that I will have to use patience, however I'm up for a good exercise of patience.

MS150 is quickly approaching and I'm no where close to where I need to be to finish it. I rode 45 miles about a month ago I haven't touched my bike since then. I did go to a spin class earlier this week and that was pretty intense, and I do plan on going to it more often. I really have wanted to however, i've been a little pre occupied with practicing my new piano to get back into UH. Audition was last sunday and i thought it went ok. There were no major train wrecks so that's a plus. Funny though I have found sometimes when I am performing and get nevous playing piano my fingers just don't wanna move. This happened during the audition it felt like there was lead in there, but I kept going despite the slight retardation of my fingers.

Now listening to some Ravel.....on that note I'm gonna go be productive (maybe)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

picture THIS

so i am FINALLY posting pictures of my frame project from FOREVER ago.

when we moved into this house, there were tons of old frames from the previous owner in the garage. the glass was broken on most of them but they were in great condition otherwise. i couldn't just get rid of them!!! i was inspired by this frame that i did last year:

i started by priming and painting them with spray paint. after they were good and dry i lightly sanded them to give them a worn look
i already had an inexpensive staple gun on hand and jewelry wire so i stapled that across the back side of it, and added a mini clothes pin (pack of 100 for $2 at Wal-mart!) to hold the picture.
some of the frames were beautiful as is so i didnt paint those. to add a little pizazz i strung on some beads i made around 10 of these and spent less than $8! i still have about 10 frames in the garage. i may make some for the guest bedroom!!
i found this picture on my camera. guess Daniel must have taken it. i figure it's about time we show the world our new piano!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Story of my life

Today I ran tons of errands and then rushed home to make a wonderful dinner for my hubby. I was in a hurry so that it would be ready when he walked in the door. Right as I was turning off the stove and plating the food I remembered something...

He had a choir concert tonight and would not be home.

He will have a great lunch tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring is here!

Spring is my absolute favorite time of the year. Now being a teacher I of course love being off in the summers but really, summer aint got nothin' on the SPRING!

Why I love Spring:
-warmish weather
-rain (I do love rain)
-work is busy (I enjoy this fact)
-Tax returns ($$$)
-did I already mention flowers? :)
My mother came in town for a few days and helped me with our garden. And by help I do mean COMPLETELY DID IT ALL BY HERSELF WITH EXCEPTION OF A FEW BRICKS AND FLOWERS..... I was at work and she surprised me.

Here is the finished product :)

Here is something I have started working on and would LOVE feedback. This awesome piece is something my mother has pased down to me. I'm trying to decide if I want to sand it real good and restain it or prime and paint. WHAT TO DO?!?!