Thursday, March 11, 2010

picture THIS

so i am FINALLY posting pictures of my frame project from FOREVER ago.

when we moved into this house, there were tons of old frames from the previous owner in the garage. the glass was broken on most of them but they were in great condition otherwise. i couldn't just get rid of them!!! i was inspired by this frame that i did last year:

i started by priming and painting them with spray paint. after they were good and dry i lightly sanded them to give them a worn look
i already had an inexpensive staple gun on hand and jewelry wire so i stapled that across the back side of it, and added a mini clothes pin (pack of 100 for $2 at Wal-mart!) to hold the picture.
some of the frames were beautiful as is so i didnt paint those. to add a little pizazz i strung on some beads i made around 10 of these and spent less than $8! i still have about 10 frames in the garage. i may make some for the guest bedroom!!
i found this picture on my camera. guess Daniel must have taken it. i figure it's about time we show the world our new piano!!

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