Saturday, January 28, 2012

LOVE these frames

I think I posted about these DIY frames a while back, but I was recently reminded how much I LOOOOOOVE them when we had new family photos taken. It was so nice to easily swap out pictures around the house! 

Want to make your own? Find WOODEN frames (there were TONS in the garage at our previous home. No backs, broken glass... they were going to throw these treasures away!!!!). Spray paint them. No need to prime unless they have a glossy coat. After paint has dried, rough it up a pit with sand paper. Using a craft staple gun, staple jewelry wire across. Add a mini-clothes pin (found in the craft section) and ta-da! I use my favorite Command strips to hang them around the house. Some (as you can see below) were just to pretty to paint, and I left them in their original beauty!

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