Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Kids.

Our babies have brought us SO much joy and laughter. Just look at how cute they are!

On lazy days they like to lay on the couch with Daniel. 

Our sweet Charley
They LOVE these Kong balls! Unfortunately Sam got a hold of Charley's and chewed it up... which allowed Charley to finish it off. She can't get it started on her own. She needs his big dog teeth! Thankfully Sam's is SO big he can't chew his own to pieces like he did to Charley's...

She is a snuggle bug!

Our boy Sam
He and Charley like to play tug-o-war with that rope sometimes. He is even sweet enough to let Charley win!

Look at those sweet, brown eyes! I was a goner when I saw him in the shelter last October!

Don't let their cuteness fool you though! Daniel left the pantry open... and look what we came home too! 

After Daniel cleaned up their mess I left the door to the utility room open... they found the trash bag... I guess I'll clean this one up!

They are worth it though!

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  1. Your "babies" are precious; and it's obvious they are loved! And they give lots of love in return, I'm sure. But ..... the pantry and trash bag fun they had ..... not sure I would have had much patience with the "precious babies" at that point! :) Thanks for sharing some family life! Love, G'ma Barb