Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

Well. I failed to write a blog entry during the entire year of 2011. That is just sad. Here is a run down of my year:

January: We got adopted our beautiful Charlie. Our friend was moving and couldn't take her, so we welcomed her into our home (side note, on December 17, 2010 we moved in to our first home!!)
Charlie is a 5 year old beagle/dachshund mix. She hates being in her crate, loves to snuggle, and can only sleep if she is in our bed next to my feet. We were determined she would never sleep with us, but after whining all night the first night, we gave in. She follows me everywhere and sits in my lap or at my feet. She LOVES riding in the car, and when her routine is thrown off, we have to re-potty train her. I'm not sure why that last fact happens... the only bad thing about her! She is so much fun and I love her to pieces!

February: My Mary Kay business that I began in October 2010 has really taken off. In February, I was able to start working towards a FREE car! If you think that's exciting, just wait until May!!!

March: Daniel & I had the opportunity to go to NYC with the high school we taught at. It was my first trip to NYC and I loved every minute of it! We even ran in to Tracey Morgan!

In March we also went to our first Mary Kay conference! It was our annual area conference (Career Conference, meant to pump you up and finish the MK business year strong!) I got to cross stage for a few different things, and it was so much fun!

April: To be honest, nothing memorable happened in April... I'll probably think of something later.

May: May was  a BIG month for me. I FINISHED earning my MARY KAY car (and the company shipped it to arrive in August), and began the first month of qualifications to become a Sales Director. You can have up to 4 months to complete all of those qualifications. It is a lot of work, but was a lot of fun! Here we are celebrating with my sales director and her husband
June: We had to spend the first week of June finishing up the school year, but of course that always flies by. We were READY for summer! June was a busy Mary Kay month because it was the last month of the business year that runs from July 1-June 30, so any goals you are working towards for certain prizes or recognition have to finish up, plus it was my 2nd month of director-in-qualification! Lot's of MK parties and events!

Also in June, I became an aunt again! My oldest sister gave birth to her 3rd child, beautiful Avery Katherine is the first in our family to be born outside of Texas! Sadly, because she lives so far away, it will be December when I finally get to meet her!!!

July: We finished all of the requirements to become a new unit in Mary Kay a month early and attended Mary Kay's biggest event of the year- Seminar! It was amazing! I'm so thankful Daniel joined me! Here I am with my amazing sister sales directors!

 On awards night, you get real fancy! Here I am with 2 sweet friends in Mary Kay
 At our area awards night, I was crowned the Queen of Sharing for our entire Phyllis Sammons National Area! I was shocked!
 Here I am crossing the stage for earning my car! Thrilling!!!!
August: Well, Mary Kay was working out pretty good for me, so on August 1st I contact my principal and told her I would not be returning to work. I was taking my business full-time! I still can't believe I did that but am SO thankful I did! Daniel still teaches there, but I love sleeping in a little bit extra and setting my own office hours! :)  My free Mary Kay Chevy Malibu arrived! We had a party at the dealership! Free car, really good insurance rate, doesn't get much better than this!

Also, in August... another baby! My older sister, Sarah, gave birth to her 4th child, Caleb Elijah! Thankfully he is a Texan! I got to play a small part in the action of his birth. I was in town awaiting his very late arrival, ready to take over the 3 youngins at home on a moments notice as my parents were out of town and unable to help should the need arise. Finally, I had to make the decision to go back home. I hopped in my car and began the 5 hour drive from Weatherford to Houston. Wouldn't you know 200 miles in, only an hour from my house in Houston my brother-in-law calls me and says, "So, how far away are you?" I immediately turned around and drove 4 hours straight to their house. I rescued the kids from the hands of my brother (when I found them with my brother there were stickers all over the coffee table and playdough in the carpet... and they were all drinking soda...). Just after their bed time my sister sent me a text with this sweet picture:
 Here is a fun pic that my older sisters sent me when Sarah was able to go visit Kristy in California back in April!

September: This was kind of a month to relax. I had been so busy with everything in my business it was nice having a slowish month. It was a busier month for Daniel as the school year was now in full swing. We did a little fishing and I caught the worlds largest fish! Well, not the WORLDS largest, but definitely the largest I've ever caught! 38 inches is a LOT for a Red Fish! Took me a while to reel it in, and I was definitely soar the next day!

October: We celebrated Daniel's 26th birthday. My present to him? How about this handsome fellow-

Meet Sam! I adopted Sam from our local animal shelter for Daniel. I am still amazed that he was in a shelter. This 5 year old Labrador/retriever is not only fully house broken, but crate trained, can sit, lay down, speak, roll over, and shake! He does great off the leash when we are on walks, and LOVES to stick his head out the window while we drive. His only flaw is that he sheds, so we shaved him! Problem solved. We adore Sam, and Charlie is starting to adjust as well. We are one big happy family!

Note- no pictures for November  December YET. They are still on my memory card. I'll come back with those later!

November: All of my married siblings and cousins are on the same holiday rotation, and this year was Thanksgiving with the in-laws. We do this so that at least once a year my moms side of the family is all gathered together. We spent one day of our Thanksgiving break camping at Brazos Bend State Park. It was very relaxing, and will hopefully become mine and Daniel's Thanksgiving week tradition! We spent Thanksgiving Day with Daniels extended family at his cousins house. It was a very nice day, and I enjoyed getting to spend time with the relatives that I don't know as well. Daniel comes from a wonderful family, and I am thankful to be a part of it!

December: Couldn't have been busier! We hopped in the car December 17th and headed to Dallas, drove to one of the most expensive weddings I've ever been to, stayed 2 nights in Downtown Fort Worth to celebrate our 2 year anniversery (can you believe it's been 2 years!!!???), hopped on a plane to Atlanta, spent 4 days with Daniel's Unlce, wife and kids, and his grandparents, toured the worlds largest aquarium (very impresive and worth the visit), flew BACK to Dallas, and spent 7 days with my family! It was the first time in a year all of us had been under one roof! I got to meet my precious neice, Avery, hug and play with my sisters other kids that I hadn't seen in a year, and most of all, we just enjoyed the blessing of the true meaning of Christmas. I love it when all my family is together. It can be crazy and crowded, but we sure do have fun.

And now, 2012, a few New Years Resolutions:
Blog... somewhat often
Run a 5k by March
Get my house ORGANIZED
Do more crafts!
Live healthier (eating, exercise, and maybe even attempting natural/organic remedies and foods!)
And finally, I am determined to read the Bible cover to cover.

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  1. What? You never told me anout Tracy Morgan-love! That beats Mary and Richard Simmons...well, almost.
    Glad you are blogging again. You should start writing mine too...someone needs to.
    If you ask the kids, im sure they would not say they needed rescuing. They love their cool uncle. Thanks for being the responsible aunt.
    Love your resolutions!
    You should aim for end of Feb and do Cowtown with the rest of us. We are all doing different distances so some will be doing 5k