Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Journey

Whew! What a whirlwind the past few months have been! It seems like just yesterday I was laying in a hammock soaking up the sun back home in Weatherford this summer, and now it's a chilly day here in Houston as we jump back into the school year after one very eventful Christmas break! I was doing a pretty good job of blogging at least once a month on my old blog, but things picked up and I got busy! I wanted to start a NEW blog as a fresh start with a new year and a new life with my HUSBAND! Wahoo. I'm hoping he'll write on here some too. So basically, here is the break down of the last few months. Enjoy!!

Oct 30- Daniel proposed, I said yes :)
Nov 1- We decided to get married on Dec 19. Giving us about 7 weeks to plan a wedding. Yes, we were crazy, but soooo worth it.
Thanksgiving- One very full week! Lot's of planning and things to do, people to see, but it was certainly great being home
Beginning of December- I had a shower one weekend, although I don't remember the exact date. Maybe the 5th? It was a blessing. So many people from my life showed up to bless me with prayers and gifts. Truly a wonderful day.
Dec. 3-4 & 10-11 I went to ESL workshops. My students were troopers! They had a sub for several days between Thanksgiving break and Christmas break. That is hard on them (and me), but we made it with no permanent damage!
Dec 16- Drove 5 hours to Dallas to pick up my very best friend Emily at Dallas Love Field, then we drove 1 hour to Weatherford. It was wonderful having some time with just her before everyone else arrived for the wedding extravaganza.
Dec 17- errands & pedicures with Em, met up with Tara & Theresa who had just driven in from Houston for lunch at Olive Garden, then headed to my parents house. That night we had my bacholorette "party" at my very favorite restaurant- Fire Oak Grill. If you are ever in Weatherford, it's a must. It was a great time with friends from past and present, from Weatherford, Fort Worth, Waco, Austin, and Houston. So blessed! After dinner we headed to my parents house and played Apples to Apples after some good talk time. Daniel had flown in that evening and after playing a mean trick on me telling me that my brother forgot to pick him up and he was still at the air port, and we let them join us girls in the game.
Dec 18- More errands, setting up the reception hall, waiting forever for the linens, making center pieces for rehearsal dinner, getting ready, and then off to the church! Rehearsal was pretty short and easy. Then we all headed to Chicken Scratch Cafe for some YUMMY dinner. It was such a wonderful time. The rehearsal dinner is always my favorite part of being in a wedding because it is everyone I love most in the same room. Some good advice was given, sweet encouragement and funny stories were shared, and all in all it was a wonderful time.
Dec 19- I forced my self to sleep in. My mom had told me I would have a hard time sleeping, but I proved her wrong. I slept in until 9:00, ate a good breakfast, took a long shower, then headed to the church. I did my own make up and my dear friend Micah did my hair. Everyone kept telling me I was so relaxed, but I didn't know how else to feel. It was all so enjoyable and fun! All the details and plans were taking care of, so what was there to stress over? I did however begin to feel super emotional. Just about anything made me cry. I was nervous because I didn't want to be one of those brides who sobs through the whole ceremony! Thankfully, as my dad and I waited behind the close doors, all those teary emotions evaporated and were replaced with excitement. The doors flew open and their was my love, looking quite dashing in his tux. I really don't remember anything that was happening around me. I wish I had looked around and taken it all in, but I was so focused on walking down the aisle, making it up the steps, and handing my flowers off to my sister. It was really a strange feeling. I was soaking up every word the Pastor said, not remembering that there was 300 people sitting behind us. It seemed like only minutes had passed when he said, "You may now kiss your bride!" What a wonderful day! The reception was so fun and the cupcakes were a HIT! Off to The Omni Hotel in downtown for a few nights and then next thing you know, we were back in Houston.

So, how did we pull off a wedding in 7 weeks? First of all, God picked the date for us. The church was available, the reception hall (at a discounted price!!), everything was available down to the dresses. 2ndly, a rock star mom who has had some wedding planning experience and can survive off little to now sleep, and friends who worked hard to help pull it all together. I am truly blessed.

Like I said, a whirlwind! I'll save the rest of Christmas Break for another day... that was only the first 3 days!!!

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