Wednesday, January 13, 2010

movin' on up

I?m contemplating putting a workshop together for teachers in my district on the power of nonverbal communication. As teachers we are required to complete a certain amount of staff development each school year. I always get frustrated with this because the workshops are limited to the core classes (math, science, English, and history) or for those who work with the special, the gifted, and the illiterate. Rarely is there a course that a SPEECH teacher will gain from. I usually end up just sitting there to get the credit, not really learning anything relevant. There are at least 9 speech teachers in our district, possibly more, and the benefit of a course on nonverbal communication is that both speech teachers AND other subjects would gain from it. Speech teachers can use the information for a unit on nonverbal communication while other teachers can use the information to incorporate nonverbal communication into their lessons, better understand the power behind it, and help the interpret some of the actions/behaviors of their students. I feel that between Mrs. Sobhani (my fellow speech teacher) and I we are more than enough equipped to teach this course because we spent 4 days this past fall at a conference that was on nonverbal communication. Not to mention it would look good on my resume and be fun at the same time. Pray it works out!

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