Monday, January 11, 2010

Does this make me a bad teacher?

One thing I have learned living in Houston is that Houstonians are LOYAL to the Houston area teams. As a result, my students love to give me a hard time when I am rootin' for a Dallas team.

Last Friday after them harassing me for asking, "So, who's going to watch the Cowboy's beat the Eagle's this weekend?!" I was challenged by one of the guys. We ended up placing a "bet" on the winning team. If the Cowboy's won, he would have to write a poem in honor of their victory and read it to the class. If the Eagle's one, I had to attempt the "jerk"

As a result, here is the poem he read to the class today:

The Cowboy's won, I was wrong it's true.
I was wrong to insult the grey & blue.
Mrs. Jones, I'm sorry the Eagles got crushed, it was cold like a frozen slush.
When I watched the game I turned red & blushed.
Tony Romo played well which is weird to admit, Miles Austin caught passes, his hands are legit. The game for the Eagles just wasn't fair, nobody could stop Demarcus Ware.
Nobody can win in the Cowboys lair, with a giant screen with no glare. Jason Witten's a beast, Eagles are his feast.
When you play the 'Boys they're the greatest, your the least.
No matter who you are, Cowboys are Americas Team.
They were ready to make the Eagles cream.
Donovan was ripped at the seams, lit from all sides a sad sight to see.
Nobody's as beast as the 'Boys d (as in defense), but next week on national TV, the Vikings will beat you, you'll see!

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