Friday, January 15, 2010

Going Green...

...and by green I mean vegetables. Daniel and I want to start eating healthier. Why is it that the easy meals usually are high in carbs and fat? Just doesn't seem fair. It's been pretty hit-or-miss lately with the new recipes I've been trying out. For example, last nights sweet 'n sour crock pot chicken? MISS! Susan Minchew's tortilla soup? HIT! Crab cakes? HIT! Beef Stew? MISS!

I feel like I've wasted money when one of the meals I make doesn't turn out very good. None of them were awful, but I definitely won?t be making them again. This next week I'm going to try some meals that include fish and chicken and TONS of vegetables. Any suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. try stir fry! its so good and you can throw so many different combinations of veggies in there. AND I discovered that Wal-mart carries frozen veggie mixes already ready for stir fry. You can use chicken, pork or beef and it takes no time.