Sunday, January 17, 2010

Julie & Julia

It's official. The first major lesson I have learned in marriage is about food. I won't get into the details of the learned lesson, but I will say it's time to rescue my cooking. My strategy? I'm going Julie & Julia on my Pioneer Woman cookbook. Now I am certainly not going all out and setting a deadline to have cooked my way through her book, but I am going to try at least two recipes each week. She is an incredibly entertaining writer. No worries if you don't have her book. Everything is on her blog! This weeks menu?

Cinnamon Rolls (is it bad that I'm starting with this?)
Brisket (I try to make one thing each week that we can eat some of and freeze the rest. This looked like a good choice)

Any way. We will see if this goes any better. I had to throw my crock pot away... It has broken. (But I have told Daniel that my birthday is coming up and it would be an approved and desirable gift)

On other notes, I feel like I have SOOOO many friends who have recently (in the past few months) gotten engaged. Many of them got engaged right around when I did. It's weird to think I'm already married and they have only begun their planning. I highly recommend 7 weeks. It is PLENTY of time to plan your dream wedding, and then you can get on to being married!

I was recently looking at pictures of my nieces and nephews... can someone PLEASE tell them to stop growing up! Andrew will be TWO this month, Isaiah will be FOUR in March! This summer/fall Meelo will be 3, Joshua 1, and Claire will be 1. Time flies.

And my final random thought for the day- MY MOM AND DAD ARE DONE!!!! Well, not officially, but their youngest child has turned 18 and is enrolled in college at DBU for the fall. Now I know they will continue to be parents, but this is a huge deal. The house will be empty come August. While you may not fully grasp the magnitude of this, you must understand that they have had up to SIX kids living there over the last 29 years. Not to mention all our friends that would spend the majority of daylight over there. It is a huge milestone. They have been incredible parents, and I am so blessed to call them Mom & Dad. I LOVE YOU!

Time to head to church. My students are learning about Jonah today. Love my ninth grade girls!!!


  1. I make PW's brisket alot-it is the only brisket Darren will eat! Good for you!

  2. You can have our crock pot! we NEVER use it.