Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear iPhone

I really only have one complaint, and that would be of my iCal calendar. While I love having my agenda in the palm of my hands, so easy to access, add, edit, and more... however...

When I look at the month, all I see is a dot telling me something is taking place. When I added the daily Bible reading schedule to it, suddenly a dot appears on everyday. This can get confusing when I glance at my calendar to see if I am free for an event. Plus, it makes me feel busier than I really am just because it shows that I am "doing something every single day!" Can we please get a little more organized? How about colors! if it is a red dot, it is my Bible reading, blue dot for birthdays, red dot for school related agenda, and a green dot for fun stuff! Now there is an idea for you!

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