Thursday, April 29, 2010

what happened to the King Kid's?

Today it hit me. I didn't see it coming. I've known for a while about it, but I guess today it finished sinking in, finished its processing, and struck me upside the head.

My family is all grown up.

I guess I always knew at some point it would happen. We would no longer be the "King Kids" and would soon be known as wives, husbands, mothers, and fathers, with my parents names changing to Grandma and Papa.

It was kind of strange when Sarah got married, exciting and new when she had Isaiah. Thrilling when Kristy married Ric, and exciting yet again when they brought my nephew, Andrew, into the world. I now look at them, both so happy in their marriages playing the role of full-time mom. Probably not quite the same as when we played it as children. Kristy now has two beautiful children- Andrew and Claire, and Sarah and Jacob have three- Isaiah, Melody, and Joshua. They are awesome mothers. Godly wives. Women I look up to, swap recipes and funny stories with, and am blessed to call my sisters and my friends.

I seemed to age significantly (in my own mind at least) when I got married a mere 4 months ago. Like making that life changing commitment suddenly qualified me as an official adult. However, this event STILL didn't set off the realization that my family has grown and changed SO much in the last few years- the realization that we are all grown up.

It happened while on the phone (you should know I just spelt phone as fone. Apparently hooked on phonics does not work for everyone..) with my wonderful, servant-hearted mother. We were discussing how impressed we have been with Leah this past year. Leah the Last. That's how we would refer to her. When I told a friend that Leah will be graduating from high school next month his reply was "Um, I'm pretty sure she is still 8 years old." And she was, in my mind, right up until last August. Not that she acted like an 8 year old, it was just hard to think of her as all grown up. She has blossomed into not just a beautiful woman, but an AMAZING woman and anyone who knows her would agree. Her heart is huge and her love is contagious. It blesses me to be able to describe her that way.

Then there's Mary & Josh. This is really what brings it home. They will both be graduating from college in just 16 days. Josh with a degree in business and Mary with a degree in art. I am so proud of both of them. Josh has grown up so much during college. I'll never forget the first time I realized he was a man and no longer my little brother. It was my last summer working at Pine Cove and I believe that means he would have been just out of his freshman year in college. He surprised me at camp. At first I didn't even recognize him! He was taller, stronger, and confident. Josh is so kind. Not the type of kind that lets others walk over him , but the type that draws you in and makes you feel like someone has gone out of their way to do something special just for you.Oh, Mary. Over the last few years she has grown from my sister to my friend. She is so full of life. Perhaps that is the artist in her. She radiates the joy of the Lord. I see it in her personality, in her style and flare, in her facebook status's, and in her art. She has such an amazing talent and I am SO proud of her. Just see for your self!
This is her interepretation of the transfiguration in Mark 9
You think that's awesome? Check this one out:

I am truly blessed. I can't wait to see who they marry and where God leads them. While it is strange to think of them as adults, it is also exciting. A new chapter in the lives of the King (Moseley, Holt, Jones) family. I can honestly say that my brother and sisters are my best friends. God is so good. And while we are no longer the "King Kids" rest assured that we are still the same goofy bunch at heart.


  1. Jimmykeithjones@yahoo.comApril 29, 2010 at 9:44 PM

    Hannah: That was really heart shows your heart...and why we are so proud to have you as our forever first daughter-in-law. So glad God brought you Daniel's way!!

    The Jones Clan...

  2. Hannah, Your heart of love shines through these words about "family"! I sure just went down memory lane, thinking over the past 28 years with our wonderful grandchildren! It is doubly difficult for me to think of Leah graduating high school - the baby of the King Kids! What a great, loving family you all have been - and still are! Each one so special and different in temperament, but all the same in your love of the Lord and love for one another. I love you!!

  3. Oh Hannah,

    How precious this blog is! I truely love tour family and consider myself blessed to call you(all) friend. I see God working through you and your family in mighty ways. Thank you for sharing this with us! I am going to read it to my kids.
    Lovingly in Christ,
    Jennifer Ellis

  4. Love the last couple pics...notice how Dad, Kristy and Leah are consistent with their silly faces...or lack there of.

  5. Hahaha I never noticed that Sarah! I guess it just goes to prove even more that even though our family is growing up.....we will never change. We will always be the same king kids at heart

  6. Amen mary! I love you all!