Friday, April 23, 2010


I'm a blog failure. I have every intention of writing a regular blog, with fun pictures of life, but unfortunately life is just too busy for that...

Here are a few misc. updates:

Got to meet baby Billy Minchew yesterday. Precious!! So happy for our dear friends. They are going to be awesome parents!!

Only... 23 more days until summer break! LOVE being a teacher!!

I'm growing restless... I need something to work on... something new. I have now taught speech 4 times (twice each school year) and I'm starting to get bored... Trying to think of some ways to spice it up...

Triple date to night with the Hall girls and their boyfriends (who are conveniently Daniel's friends!) So fun!

I have REALLY been missing my family lately, but am looking forward to going home for 2 different weekends next month. Leah will be graduating from high school and Josh & Mary will both be graduating from college. My family is getting old!!!

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